Barns and Bridges Fabric Panel by Karen Combs at
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This panel was cut crooked, and while all 12 barns are included, one has been cut too close to the edge.

A medley of barn scenes make perfect elements to feature in your quilts.

Accompanies Karen's Barns and Bridges Pattern

Twelve barns and bridges can be divided into quilt blocks for your next project

  • Panel featuring 12 barns and bridges
  • Coloration: red, yellow, green, brown gray, blue, black, and white
  • Patterns/prints: Size of each frame: 7-3/4" x 9-3/4"
  • Panel measurement: 24" x 44"
  • Item #: KC-BABR+H
  • Manufacturer: Karen Combs

Barns and Bridges Fabric Panel by Karen Combs - HURT

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