Cowichan Style Pillow Class at North Woods Knit & Purl
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In this class, we will take the eagle shown and learn to knit it into a decorative pillow.

The class will be held at North Woods Knit & Purl on August 26, 2017 from 2-4 PM

 Cowichan knitting is an acculturated art form, a combination of European textile techniques and Salish spinning and weaving methods.

A Cowichan item is knit by a person with Coast Salish heritage that is generally made with undyed superbulky-weight yarn and often features some color patterning. Coast Salish people are a group of indigenous people from the Pacific Northwest Coast, including Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, who are ethnically and linguistically related to one another.

Coast Salish people had a long tradition of weaving, but started knitting around the time that British Columbia was colonized, in the mid- to late-1800s. The current idea of the Cowichan style has been developing and evolving since then.

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Cowichan Style Pillow Class - Aug 26, 2017 at North Woods Knit &

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