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The Jewel Box Gem Thirty is a great addition to the Jewel Box family.

Three Gem Thirty pieces sewn together makes a Gem Ten. When you substitute a three pieced Gem Ten in the existing designs you add a whole different flavor to your projects.

You can also divide the Gem Five into six sections.

The Bonus pattern, sample shown below uses simple strip sets of 2 1/2" strips cut into wedges sewn to one piece Gem 30 wedges.

Surprisingly simple project for a final project with the illusion of complexity. In other words, it looks like you've worked harder than you really had to!

The project includes a template for the background pieces, although using a Gem Ten tool makes it much easier. As it's name implies it takes thirty pieces to complete a "circle".

  • Item #: PFA-JBG30
  • Manufacturer: Phillips Fiber Art

Jewel Box Gems 30 by Phillips Fiber Art

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