Plymouth Eros II Yarn Golden 4132 by Plymouth Yarn at North Woods Knit & Purl
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Contents:  100% Nylon / Hand Wash, Dry Flat
Gauge:  5 sts = 1"/US7 needle
Yardage:  165 yards
Weight(s):  Worsted
Plymouth Eros II is a lovely railroad, or ladder-style yarn that has great color combinations.
It is a great yarn for accessories, or for adding a little extra to your knitting, crochet, or felting.
Made in Italy.
Plymouth Eros is back again!
This amazing ladder or trellis style yarn is so versatile.
Kit in alone or combine it with other yarns.
Alone, Eros yarn may be knitted in larger needles and takes on the look of lace dappled with little jewels.
Knit to gauge, Eros produces a nice light fabric perfect for warm weather wear.
Finally, Eros yarn adds a bejeweled effect to any project you are knitting.
It's also great for combining with a wool yarn for your next felting project.
  • Item #: PLEROS-GOLD4132
  • Manufacturer: Plymouth Yarns

Plymouth Eros II Yarn Golden 4132 by Plymouth Yarn

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