Scrappy Socks Kit from North Woods Knit & Purl in West Branch, MI
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This week we will work on putting the kits together so you can create your own scrappy sock!

Choose your own pattern, or come on into the shop, we have tons of suggestions, get your kit and then on Wednesday afternoons (starting June 14, we will start our Scrappy Sock Club.

All high end yarns, and approximately 13 different yarns.

You'll get enough yarn to make a pair of socks (roughly 400 yds) and the design is up to you.

The cost for this round will be $22.00 per kit. Come on in and get yours, or click Add To Cart!

  • Item #: NWKP-SOCK
  • Manufacturer: North Woods Knit & Purl

Scrappy Socks Kit from North Woods Knit & Purl

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