Spindizzy Quilt Pattern by Needlesongs at KayeWood.com
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You'll be dizzy with possibilities!!

The basic 6" block and its mirror image can be combined to make 6 different 12" blocks that interconnect and flow from spirals to knots.

If this isn't enough, add one more color to make a windmill spin around the stars in the center of the spirals.

Study the loop block and find an angel--or sewn with other colors, you might see a spider!

Included in the pattern are the instructions, foundation patterns to copy, and a design worksheet to copy for coloring.

But watch out! You might want to spend hours just playing with the colored blocks from your design worksheet.

  • Item #: NE-SPIN
  • Manufacturer: Needlesongs

Spindizzy Quilt Pattern by Needlesongs

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